As with your car's engine, in order to run efficiently the Air-conditioning system needs regular attention. It is industry recomended like a conventional engine air-con systems be serviced every 24 months as they have moving parts, oil and filters.

Automotive air-conditioning systems run on a variety of gases and lubricant's which require regular recharging. Air conditioning systems which aren't serviced are more likely to drop in performance and run into symptoms which may include:

  • - In-ability to cool the cabin
  • - Unpleasant odours
  • - Increased fuel consumption
  • - Increased strain on the engine
  • - Excessive noise
  • - Damage to parts

As with your vehicles engine keeping the air-conditioning system serviced regularly will help ensure hefty bills are avoided.

Here at Toowong Mitsubishi Brisbane we offer a full range of air-conditioning services.

  • - Air Conditioning pressure tests
  • - Temperature and effiefinfy checks
  • - Check gas and oils levels are within manufacturer's specifications
  • - Full visual inspection
  • - Refrigerant recovery and filtering
  • - Evacuation of air and moisture from the system
  • - System leak check
  • - Recharge gas to manufacturers specifications, adding new oil as required
  • - Clean any bacterial build up in vents to remove unpleasant odours

As with any type of service at Toowong Mitsubishi Brisbane we are more then happy to explain in greater the process of air-conditioning maintenance. You can call our service department or contact them online using the form below.